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Andrea’s: A Fabulous Find for Foodies in Sarasota

Organic Chicken Liver Pate at Andrea's
Organic Chicken Liver Pate at Andrea's

Attention Foodies in Sarasota!

The dining experience at Andrea’s is for you!

Foodies are always on the lookout for outstanding cuisine, exceptionally prepared food, and locales where the quality of the ingredients take precedence.  Although not immediately apparent, Andrea’s does stand out as a foodie forward restaurant. The northern Italian influenced menu is tightly focused; comprising organic and/or locally sourced, and specialty imported ingredients.

We recently had the opportunity to taste a number of the new menu additions taking center stage at Andrea’s. Here is what we experienced:

  • Organic Chicken Liver Pate:  Pan brioche berries brulee.  $15
    Sweet, savory, creamy, luscious. The earthy flavor of the chicken liver was a great contrast to the sweetness of berries. An OMG experience!
  • Baby Octopus Moscardini Andrea’s Style:  Slow cooked in tomatoes, capers, black olives, and potato.   $15
    I never experienced such a tender, succulent, melt in your mouth experience like this. The broth/sauce was layered with flavor…rich, slightly briny, with a hint of the sea apparent. Delicious.

    The Picasso of Beet Salad

    Beets Carpaccio: Shaved fennel, watermelon, goat cheese mousse

  • Beets Carpaccio: Shaved fennel, watermelon, goat cheese mousse.  $10
    Food as art! A beautiful presentation! A superb contrast of color, texture, and flavor all presented on a simple “white canvas.” This plate and salad are a showcase of the chef’s creativity.
  • Orecchiette: With sausage, broccoli rabe, pecorino cheese.  $23
    Homemade of course! Al dente pasta with a slightly sweet, light, sausage. Fresh and flavorful.
  • Pappardelle:  With porcini mushroom and truffle essence cream.  $27
    Slightly narrower than traditional pappardelle, this fresh homemade pasta is rich, earthy, and silky. Silky ribbons of earthly delight.
  • Veal Polpettine:  With wild mushroom.   $25
    A surprisingly satisfying dish. Small in size but very filling. Rich, fresh sage in the ground veal gives it a “pop in your mouth.”

    Veal Polpettine at Andrea's

    Veal Polpettine: With wild mushroom

Chef/Owner Andrea Bozzolo’s passion and excitement about his menu items were effusive. When we asked about his menu his answers often had adjectives such as, “insane”, “incredible”, and “unbelievable”. To those descriptions, we would add “off the charts,” “superb,” and “outstanding!”